Forever 21 costume jewellery.

Accessories can make a big difference to your outfit, I’d even say they can make it come to life. You can do it by adding handbags, shoes or jewellery to what you wear.

Most of my jewellery is quite classy as I like to buy quality products that will last me for years. I’m addicted to Pandora and I like to buy my jewellery when traveling too, to get designs that are unusual.

Now and then I’d like something different, something on trend, to add “life” to my outfit. I do like some costume jewellery but most of the time I don’t like the price tag. I think a lot of it is overpriced for what it is and what it’s made of.



Recently I was looking for some statement jewellery to jazz up some of my outfits but I didn’t want to spend too much money but then I discovered Forever 21. I bought these three necklaces there. Each of them was under £10, they look very good, not cheep or tacky. I’m happy to pay this price for something I’m going to wear maybe once or twice with a top or two. In the future I will probably be back to Forever21 for more. There are so many different styles available in the store that it’s hard to even decide where to start.





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