Smooth & Improve you body this summer!



If you’re planning on getting your bikini out this year, you have probably already thought of what body products there are out there to get your skin glowing and body toned and firm.

Well, I always have a tube of cellulite treatment cream to hand.

Fortunately I’ve been blessed with a good pair of legs and I’ve been sporty most of my life (got a bit lazy the last couple of years) so I don’t suffer too badly from cellulite, but who doesn’t need a bit of help. I like to say that I prefer to prevent it than try to fight it off.

Some of the anti-cellulite products I have used in the past were from such brands like: Chanel, Clarins, L’Oreal, Nivea or Sanctuary and my most favourite of all is CELLULI LASER D.CODE by BIOTHERM. I have used it many times now and I believe it’s by far the best.


But it’s not all about the product. You can see twice as good results with the same product if you use a massager to support micro circulation. This is why I’m so excited about No7’s new cellulite treatment “Smooth & Improve”.

This product will be out for sale on the 16th May along with their summer make up collection.

I simply can’t wait for it. I think this is such a genius idea. You simply can’t apply it without massaging. I had a chance to preview this product and I must say it looks impressive. This is why I can’t wait to put my hands on it. The applicator is smooth and feels good on the skin and the cream itself absorbs quickly.

I shall start using it as soon as I get one, and I will review it for you after I use it for 2 weeks.

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