How to look after your skin when you travel a lot?

Hurray! My holiday is only a few days away. One of the most important things to pack is my skincare. Since my skin is very sensitive to any change in the weather, dry air during the flight and different water. It can really show on my skin. So I always make sure I pack all my hero products. So what am I taking with me this time, and what treatments should I use before I set off?

The night before my flight I usually have a hydrating mask followed by some kind of hydrating serum (at the moment it’s hydrating booster by Dermalogica) followed by an intensive moisturising cream.

As well as my moisturiser and serum I usually pack some masks too.  I was asked by Montagne Jeunesse to review their new facial masks just last week. I thought it’s a perfect time to give them a go as they come packed individually which makes them perfect for traveling so there’s no need for me to squeeze my regular products into lots tiny pots anymore. So I’ll take their hydrating and purifying mask and a small travel essential pack which contains a body scrub, hair mask, shower gel and a few other essentials packed together. I will be reviewing them for you later.

I’ll take a good hydrating cream as well, such was the one I’m using at the moment; Kiehl’s ultra facial cream, which supports 24h hydration.

I will also pack some rescue products like my Lotus facial oil from Clarins (especially for traveling I kept one of the little samples I was once given and now I tend to refill it with my oil. You need 3 drops that’s all, therefore such a small sample is good even for a couple of weeks away). Next, I will pack Origins spot gel, I don’t have to use it often but it’s always the case that some random spot is trying to appear right in the middle of my forehead the day before some important event. I’m also going to take with me Beauty Flash balm, I use this product pretty much only when I travel as a mask rather than under make up. I find it’s perfect to boost radiance on my tired skin from traveling and a lack of sleep.

These few days away are supposed to be about me relaxing, breathing in fresh sea side air and shopping of course so I thought it’s more than appropriate to treat myself with a mini facial, perhaps every day :).

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