Give your skin a little boost! Review of Skin Boosters by Dermalogica.

Hydration Booster by Dermalogica.

I’m going to start with this little buddy as it’s my most favourite booster. You can use it alone, underneath your regular moisturiser or just add a few drops to your cream and mix it with it. Personally I prefer using it alone.

It’s like putting pure drops of hydration onto your skin. I use it when my skin is dehydrated or after a home facial. You can really see and feel the difference instantly. Skin becomes smooth and plumped. It’s not the cheapest add on to your daily moisturiser but it’s genuinely worth it.  It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolipids and Algae Extract.

Skin Renewal Booster.

This little bottle holds some serious weaponry. You should use it only on small areas rather than your whole face. I was also told not to mix it with the moisturiser and seeing how it works I wouldn’t use it mixed either. It helps to renew the skin surface, so you may notice some skin peeling in that area. If your pores are congested then expect all the nasty stuff to come out, so you may end up with few breakouts for a short period of time but once your skin clears, you will be impressed with the final result. I would only advise you to be patient while using it and tackling only a small area at a time. Make sure you give your skin some rest too. It contains Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Hibiscus Extract, which stimulates cell renewal and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Extra Firming Booster.

I’ve used this product a only few times. Most of the time before a night out or some big event when I had to look my absolute best. I’m not sure really how firming it is as my skin is pretty firm anyway for the time being lol. However, I have noticed my skin looking smooth,  a bit plumped and radiant. My make up glides on nicely and the finish is very smooth while applied on top of the Firming Booster.  It contains Seaweed Extract, Vitamin C.

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