Volume Million Lashes, luminizer blue eyes mascara review.


I used to use Million Lashes mascara in black and brown in the past, so this time I decided to go for something different. I picked the dark sapphire colour for blue eyes. I was happy with the results when I used it previously, however this time I am slightly disappointed. The colour itself is really nice. It has got a very delicate hint of dark blue and most people looking at you probably wouldn’t even notice it’s not black, unless you’ve got direct light on your eyes. This mascara is dark enough to give lovely definition to your eyes, however,  I’m not sure it made my eyes appear any bluer, nevertheless I still like this colour.

Why am I disappointed then?

The mascara seems to be dry. It is difficult to build up volume. Not because your lashes will get clumpy, the brush is really good and separates all the lashes well. While building volume I can see the lack of smoothness on the lash and I found I could also notice little “ball” bits appearing on the lashes, which indicates that the mascara is dry. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say here.

Okay, so I wore it for a few days and unfortunately I have to say that it didn’t last well too, which I think is due to the fact of it being dry. The mascara was slightly coming off the ends of my lashes. It was fine by the lash root but on the tips it was rubbing off, with little bits falling under my eyes. This never happened when I wore Million Lashes in black or brown. I don’t know if any of the mascaras I’ve ever used lasted so badly.

L’Oreal seals these product packed in a special security foil, to secure freshness. As it was me opening the product and I used it straight away after purchase I can only guess that maybe it has got to be the colouring used in the mascara that makes all the difference. Shame, as I like this colour a lot, but I won’t use it again.

I wonder if any of you had the same issue with Million Lashes in Dark Sapphire?. L’oreal seals MILLION LASHES in couple of other shades too, for green and for brown eyes, if you ever used any of them, please let me know what was the result.

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