Facial oil – would you use it?

Have you got oily skin? Does your skin get shiny only an hour after you applied your make up? Your oil free moisturiser and primers don’t work! If you have sensitive skin and are always having a battle with your blackheads and pimples, then you might have just found an answer to all your skin problems. Dry and dehydrated skin won’t be a problem any longer after you finish reading this post.

So, can simply using face oil solve all your skin dilemmas? Can you use it on oily skin? Would it make your skin greasy and spotty?

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while but as it’s a very “emotionally stirring” topic I did some research and here are the results. I say that it’s “emotionally stirring” because people tend to react emotionally to even the most minor suggestion of oil on their skin. You get those who gasp in disbelief and then those who shake their hands in a frantic denying gesture and run away or switch off from the discussion. Believe me, oil on your skin can actually solve a lot of problems.

 You might have tried many different face washes and moisturisers in the past and nothing seems to work, often leaving your skin still feeling grumpy. A lot of face washes can be quite harsh on the skin stripping it of it’s natural protective barrier (oil) so its actually really important to keep your skin healthy and balanced.

Oil is natural to your skin and has a perfect affinity with your skin. Your skin needs it in order to be healthy, it’s your skins natural lubricant. It can’t be so bad for it, can it?

So what is the truth about facial oils?

Oil naturally dissolves oil, so it will lift oil and dirt from your your skin surface and pores, cleansing all the impurities. I came across a great article about facial cleansing oils and how to blend them yourself. I’ll share the link later as I found its very interesting. I’m always suffering from a lack of hours in the day so I simply choose an easy and fast version available in stores. I swear by Lancôme’s cleansing oil and Clarins facial oil for combination and oily skin.

You simply massage it into your dry skin and it will dissolve all your make up, even mascara. Than you just wash it off with warm water and it turns into a milky cleansing water. (Similar to the wash I reviewed here). Sometimes I will use it as a pre wash and then follow with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, but that’s not necessary if you give yourself time massaging oil on your skin.

Now to the most scary part! Oil instead of moisturiser! Oh yes! Facial oils are perfect to treat any grumpy skin, no matter what your concern is. Oily or dry skin with the right blend of oil can fight it all.

Firstly you wouldn’t swap your moisturiser to the oil completely, it’s more like a treatment. You can use a few drops for couple of weeks just to treat any oil overproduction or pimples etc. Your skin will start clearing itself very quickly. Don’t worry, it wont make your skin more oily or spotty but quite the opposite.  Clarins advise to use the oil (at least the one I have) for three weeks at night time instead of your regular moisturiser and than break for 2-3 months. I personally use it as a treatment only for abut 1 1/2  to 2 weeks otherwise my skin gets too dry. I use occasionally 1-2 drops instead of my moisturiser when I can see my skin is trying to get grumpy.

I have been very impressed by the results and will certainly continue using it. I even don’t need to use my ‘Out of Trouble’ mask by Origins anymore. I am now happy to try other oils in the future. I think it’s one of those products that you simply have to try for yourself to really understand how great oil is. Hopefully this post will at least convince you to give it a go.

Here are some of my oils I am using at the moment.

  1. Huile Lotus  by Clarins ( Lotus face treatment oil)
  2. Huile Eclat by Lancôme (cleansing oil)
  3. Aromatic Massage Oil by Neal’s Yard Remedies
  4. Harmonising massage oil by The Body Shop

Here is the link I promised earlier.

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