How to turn into a Cinderella in 5 minutes.

Beautiful in 5 ok 10 minutes!

First of all, don’t experiment! There’s no time for this. Keep it simple! Work the look you know works for you! So choose clothes in which you feel great and you know you look great. Maybe something that your friends complemented before.

I wold go for my little black dress or little white if it’s summer. Good old classics! This way I know I have everything to go with it like shoes and bags and I’m not  waist any time thinking what to wear!

This is a no time scenario but you still want to look stunning so I’m gonna repeat myself KEEP IT SIMPLE with make up too!

I’d use a compact powder as it’s quick and easy to apply. Even though I do my make up very quickly I would still go for a simple version. One or two eyeshadows maximum and if i put any eyeliner it’ll go on the inner side of my eye rim. I find it quicker to apply and it gives good results, plus you can’t really make any mistakes even with a shaking hands. Good old Hypnose mascara will work the trick and give me a lovely full eyelashes. Next lipstick and it would be a bright colour as I kept my eyes simple I’d put more impact on lips. Than a spritz of a fragrance and all done! Just like this!

Now I just realised I haven’t really talked about hair! It’s probably because I’ve been blessed with straight, slick hair so it’s never a big deal. I can just leave it down and comb through maybe spray a bit of a hair spry to keep it in shape and all done. But if you have a bit more difficult hair I’d say pin it up. There’s now loads of pins available that would make it easy. Also hair up usually look good and quite sophisticated. I believe that all of you have some quick fixes ready for your hair. My sister has got wavy hair and her quick fix is a bit of hair muss and dump hands it crates more definition and lasting soft curls in about 1 minute.

Some of you were asking for this article, I hope you will find it helpful. If you have any pictures of the look you worked  in 10 min send it post it on SB Facebook page and I’ll try to publish some of them.

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