Can wearing high heels make you feel fabulous?


When I’ve asked what would you like me to write about some of you sad that you would like to find out about what do I personally do to feel feminine and beautiful.

This question got me thinking and I realised that it’s not to often when I don’t feel feminine. I suppose it’s got something to do with work, as at least five days a week I have to look presentable. So I make at lest a minimum of an afford to have my hair styled a bit of make up. Of course I do get a day or two when I fell totally sluggish.

I came to a conclusion that it’s all about heels and grooming. Manicured hands, clean and styled hair, epilated legs!! Oh gosh yes!! Can’t stand hairy legs!!! This is half of a success I suppose. If I tick all the grooming related boxes and I still need to feel more feminine than I’ll put stilettos on! This always works! It was actually the first thing to spring into my mind when I was trying to think of things I do to feel feminine.


Fragrance is next one on the list! If i haven’t spritz my fragrance I feel bare! Than a slick of a lipstick and I’m ready to rock. Preferably in bright colour unless I’m working a romantic look. On the second thought when I want to feel feminine I also want to feel strong and in control so I’d probably opt for a bright colour, red perhaps or shocking pink.

Here is things I do when I wan’t to feel just fabulous.

What are your tricks to feel feminine?

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    Hi Eva

    Just looked briefly into your blog and loving it!! I will definitely look at it in more detail over the Easter break and I am sure I will be looking at it often in the future – well done! It is very interesting, varied, non complicated, informative and easy to find 5 spare mins to read it…


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