Envelope bags by my primary school friend.


art’Monika is my primary school friend. We haven’t seen each other for years but thanks to Facebook we were reunited….at least for now via the internet.

I noticed that she has been posting pictures of some lovely bags, one of them a few days ago which especially caught my attention. I then started asking some questions and it turned out that she makes them and there are other pretty bags too. How exciting is this! I love it when I find out that people I know are doing something … pretty cool!


She made her first bag just because she felt like doing something different and of course because she loves handbags! Next it was just a matter of time and all the ideas are coming to life by taking shapes in the form of pretty hand made envelope bags. It takes about 2 to 5 hours to make one, depending on the style and detail.


I definitely want one! I find it difficult to make my mind up on which one though. Maybe I should go with something for the summer in lovely pastel yellow and blue? Oh decisions, decisions!





Making bags for Monika is a hobby and pleasure, not a business but she has just opened a Facebook fan page art’Monika where you can also order a bag if you like one, she’s also happy to make something special to your taste and you can contact Monika at monika_z@hotmail.fr or via the Facebook fan page. Bags are £25 and postage is free to any European country.


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