Say NO to toners!

Is this a skincare REVOLUTION?

No7 (Boots own brand) is saying no to toners! When I first learned that No7 as a brand will no longer have a toner in their range, I gasped in disbelief.

Most skincare companies have a toner in their skincare regime. I have only been using a toner on a daily basis for the last year and a half, but that has been long enough for me to like it and feel like I need it! I’ve got to the stage whereby it feels wrong if I haven’t used it for some reason. I even convinced my mother to use one although she has survived without it all her life. Now she wants more!! Oh dear, now I have to tell her that she doesn’t need it anymore!

No7 is launching a completely new skincare range called “Beautiful Skin” with no toners in it! What is the philosophy behind it?

Firstly, some market research that shows that only 1/3 of woman uses a toner, period.

Secondly, No7 believes that your face wash should be good enough to clean your skin thoroughly and gently enough that you don’t need to use a toner afterwards.

After the initial shock I have to say, I actually like the idea of having just one good face wash /cleanser. I lived without a toner for most of my life. At the moment I use face wash from Dermalogica that is gentle enough to skip toner and apply just my moisturiser after. Nevertheless, I still find most face washes quite strong, making my skin dry and tight. Perhaps that’s where toner used to come to rescue?

I am looking forward (with quite a bit of an excitement) to the release of “Beautiful Skin” and to getting my hands on No7’s new face washes. This range will be available in stores from 25th January. In the meantime you can try out a little starter pack for just £5.

Here’s an article about toners and what they really do for as, I found it extremely interesting.

What is your opinion? Do you think that toner is necessary?

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