How to survive winter in style!


I planned to do this post a few weeks ago but the weather changed to a mild spring like temperature, so it felt a bit inappropriate to wrap myself in woollen clothes. Last Sunday, thinking of another post, I planned to photograph some spring outfits created from some of last seasons clothes and my recent sale items. Unfortunately, the weather changed back to winter with temperatures in London dropping to 0 degrees Celsius! Naturally in this situation I went for the warm option. So here is my easy way to survive the winter in style!  I think it’s the most difficult time to stay stylish when the temperature drops. I hate feeling cold! Because carrying a duvet with me everywhere wouldn’t be a good look I decided to invest in some clever winter clothes.

A smart casual but mainly practical outfit. I hope you will like it.

Dress is form JIGSAW and it was my best investment this winter. It’s considerably thin or shall I say lightweight whilst being very cosy and warm as it contains wool and alpaca (another type of wool). It’s also so soft that I can wear it on a bare skin. I can’t stand itchy wooly jumpers.



These tights are from Calzedonia – I’ve bought all my tights from there for a few years now and only this year I discovered that you can buy a pair with cashmere. They’re perfect for this weather.


Gloves from Accessorize to protect my hands from the wind and the cold. I picked them up for £20 when I lost my main pair and these gloves turned out being one of the most favourite pairs I’ve had.


Jacket – holiday buy. It has lovely fur around the neck so I don’t wear it with a scarf unless it’s very windy and cold.

Boots! A must have for winter too!


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