Spring/Summer fashion trends 2012

Louis Vuitton 

To be a girl and to wear a lace pastel yellow dress!

First of all, I know it’s only the first week of January and I am already talking about spring and summer, but in fashion you have to think ahead. Spring will come in a “blink of an eye” and shop windows will be tempting us with their new collections to go in and spend before you know it.

Because of this, it is high time to have a look at fashion trends and learn what clothes to expect in the shops this season. I like to have a decision on my key items for the season before they are even in store. I do sometimes change my mind when I see them in person but most of the time I find it gives me a head start knowing what items are going to be fashionable in the coming season. This way I can choose clothes that will both bring something new to my wardrobe and work well with what’s already in it.

This season you can be a girly girl with all the pastel colours being in fashion from candy pinks to pastel yellow,blue and peach whilst being seductive and sexy as designers are using such materials as chiffon and lace.

Louis Vuitton has set a trend for macramé this season. I would certainly love a dress or top with the lovely patterns they are using. Also in this season are puffed full skirts and thick doily lace collars.

 Louis Vuitton – doily collar -spring 2012 

I am loving Givenchy this season, so I am looking forward to high street brands launching their own collections which are to be inspired by their work. In fact, I’m convinced someone will get their inspiration from Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.


Givenchy – spring 2012

I’ve never been a big fan of leggings, however, as introduced by Givenchy, with this seasons pastel shades, jacket enhancing waists and sharp cuts to achieve a feminine but firm look, I feel like giving them a try.


Givenchy – spring 2012 

A key item this season is going to be a little white dress! It should certainly make it to your most wanted items for Spring/Summer 2012.

Valentino – spring 2012 

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