How to put on a hair doughnut without pins?


If I can do it without even looking in the mirror I believe anyone can do it.

What you need:

  • Longish hair to start with.
  • “A hair doughnut” (I bought mine at Boots)
  •  two hair bands.


  1. First make a pony tail,
  2. then put your “doughnut” through the pony tail.
  3. Next spread your hair evenly around it, tucking the ends under the doughnut
  4. . All you need to do now is secure it all with the second hair band

All in all, it takes about 2 minutes to do and in my opinion, it looks quite stylish. A great quick hair do for emergency moments.




Personally when I have my hair up, I like to wear long or bigger earrings.

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