How to curl your hair with hair straighteners in 5 minutes.


I have straight sleek hair and I am not going to complain about it at all. You know what! It’s awesome to have hair that doesn’t require any complex styling skills to look good, at least in my opinion. I save a lot of time every morning due to that. After washing and drying my hair looks as if I spent 15 minutes straightening it, which means that most of the time I simply don’t bother doing anything more that applying a bit of volume gel before I dry my hair. This means that on most of my childhood pictures I look like I haven’t eaten for a month with my pale (my sister thinks it was slightly blueish) thin skin and that long (at some point very long) hair. Today, thanks to a tube of tinted moisturiser I tend to look more human like, so there is only the hair left to sort out.

(This is me :) I tend to wear longer skirts nowadays)

Now and then every woman likes a bit of a change so I mastered a few quick hair dos over the years. As a teenager I remember sleeping a whole night in a tiny hair rollers and using nearly a whole bottle of hair moose to make those curls last. I  actually made my mum take a photo of me when my hair was curled properly for the first time. I just couldn’t stop smiling and was very excited about going to school to show my new hair off. Unfortunately not everyone shared my excitement though, some just asked what happened to me??

Since leaving school, it definitely seems that curling hair with hair straighteners is actually a good skill to have,  so I have tried to perfect it.

( and here with my super curled hair, what I thought at the time was an exceptionally good look)

There are actually a few different looks you can achieve with hair straighteners, it all depends on how you pull the hair.

What I am showing you here only takes 10 minutes to do.

  • You are curling only the ends of your hair. First you place the straighteners half way up your hair, working from the front to back. I divide my hair into two sections down the middle of my head and work on each side in turn.
  • With your straighteners, clamp a section of hair (as if you were going to straighten it normally) and twist 180°,
  • then pull the straighteners down, out of your hair. That should create the curl.
  • By holding your straighteners in a vertical position, you will create softer,  bigger curls, that should give a bit more of a wave affect rather than intense curls.
  • Once you curled all the hair just comb through with your fingers to separate the curls and spray with hair spray and ‘voila’!

If your hair is naturally quite wavy, I suggest blow drying it first to smooth your hair out and then use the hair straighteners to curl it.

Good luck and enjoy!


  • Reply December 21, 2011


    really loved the hair curling tips.Perhaps you could start uploading videos?

    • Reply December 29, 2011


      Thank you!
      I have some already in mind. I am hoping to launch some video blogs next year.

  • Reply February 15, 2012


    luv it, ur hair looks great, thank you for the tips, I will try that with my Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it’s the best, it has tourmaline ceramic plates that cause less damage and keeps the hair soft, shiny and very straight. :D

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