Lash Adapt in Deepest Black by No7.

Two coats of Lash Adapt in Deepest Black.

Lash Adapt mascara in the new colour, “Deepest Black” will be available to buy from today, 30th November. Lash Adapt in Deepest Black is an addition to the already existing range, which was introduced in summer this year.


Lash Adapt allows you to add coats as the day goes on. The idea behind the mascara is that you start the day with a natural look and build it up to your evening lashes.

I was given a new mascara by No7 to try it out and her is what I think.  It does build up very well while still looking smooth, however, I do feel that it starts to clump lashes together slightly from the third coat onwards. You are supposed to be able to build up to 6 coats, for me personally, I prefer very good separation from a mascara, so I am a bit obsessed when it comes to lashes being stuck together.

‘Deepest black’ is supposed to look very dark. I do think that it looks dark, however, I ‘m not sure if I would notice the difference if I wasn’t aware of it.

Lash Adapt does have jojoba oil to condition the lashes and it’s water based. For those of you with very sensitive eyes, it is also hypo-allergenic as are all No7 products.

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