The Duchess of Cambridge’s new winter coat.

Are you a fan of The Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion style? If so, I have got some inside knowledge on what she has purchased while shopping on Sloane Square today.

The Duchess picked a lovely chestnut-brown winter coat from HOBBS.

We all know what happens to the clothes when The Duchess appears on public engagements wearing them. They usually vanish from the shelves within minutes. So if you are looking to buy a coat that is fit for a princess, I would suggest hurrying down to HOBBS before they all disappear.


Coat by HOBBS

Unlimited Celeste Flared Coat £369


  • Reply December 19, 2011


    Hey Socialb :D since you actually saw the coat in real life, can you confirm that it’s this one?

    i know the photos don’t give a clear view but the some people say that the coat is reddish in real life, if it isn’t then she can’t be wearing it :D

    • Reply December 20, 2011


      As you said these pictures are very unclear and it’s hardly possible to see what Kate is wearing. However it might be that coat as it’s not done up to the neck and it looks more brown that red, unlike the other coat which Kate wore this season. Katherine also has an LK Bennet scarlet wool coat, which is more reddish than brown.
      I only know she owns the Hobbs coat. The colour is chestnut brown, meaning it has quite warm brown tones which in some light might look a bit red.

      • Reply December 21, 2011


        thanks for your help :D :D

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