Visionnaire serum review!

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your pores were smaller? Wouldn’t it be great if your laughter lines could disappear? Oh and of course if those pigmentation marks after frying yourself in the sun without using SPF a few years back, just faded away? How about the marks that appeared from nowhere during your pregnancy? Well don’t worry! You are not alone, we all do it! Look in the mirror and wish for a fairy god mother to materialise and fix it all for us!

Well! Guess what… there is now something like a fairy god mother in a bottle!

Visionnaire is a new product by Lancôme! I’ve had the pleasure of using it for a while now and like always with Lancômes innovations, I’m simply astonished.


This product works on 3 main skin concerns;

  1. wrinkles
  2. pores
  3. pigmentation


If you are concerned about one of the above, then this serum is the one for you and its not governed by age.

This is what Lancome has to say about Visionnaire.

Visionnaire is an advanced skin corrector so powerful that over half the woman who tried it no longer wanted Botox, fillers or peels (tested on ladies considering dermatological procedures).

The exclusive ‘LR2412’ molecule has been proven to be more effective than all leading anti-aging ingredients, penetrating skin 4x deeper than other serums. Your wrinkles will be reduced, pores minimised and pigmentation corrected.

What is it like?

It has a light lotion like texture, that absorbs easily. It smells very good in my opinion too. It leaves skin feeling smooth and non sticky. As it is a serum, it is important that you use it after you have cleaned your skin and before moisturisering.

You can use Visionnaire if you have sun damaged skin with pigmentation or lines. It works great also on acne scars to. Oh and it’s been tasted for the eye area so you can use it underneath your eye cream to help to fight laughter lines.

What is LR2412?

It’s the active ingredient of the product. In your Visionnaire serum you’ll have 4% concentration of LR2412. It’s a molecule that comes from the plant that has been folded in such a way to make it much, much smaller so it’s able to penetrate human skin and get right to the bottom of the dermis. So this is a safe ingredient that won’t give you sun sensitivity as some anti-aging ingredients might.

I like Visionnaire because I can use it in conjunction with Genifique, one of my favourite skin care products. I use Genifique in the morning as it brightens my skin creating a more radiant look. During the night, skin regenerates itself, using Visionaire helps your skin to self renew.

I have a habit of raising my eyebrows which causes my forehead to crease and some expression lines to show. I have already noticed that the lines on my forehead are noticeably reduced. Give it a month and I’m sure they will be gone forever :)

I can also see some improvements in the size of the pores around my nose.

It will be available in stores nationwide from the 1st September so make sure you go out and get one!

I hope all you ladies will love it too.

A 30ml bottle will last you on average about 3 to 4 months if you use it daily. The results are really great. I introduced it to my sister and now she’s an addict too and if she could I’m she would probably bath herself in it.

Currently I’m on my third bottle of Visionnaire but I don’t use it all the time. I have to say that after about half of a treatment my skin is in a fantastic condition and I tend to put it aside for a couple of months. I go back to it when my laughter lines or lines from pulling faces *cough appear on my forehead.

This product turned out to be a great success. Visionnaire has been now out on the market for over a year, so there’re also other sizes available like a 50ml unit and now a brand new 100ml bottle. The last one proves to be quite in demand and hard to find in stock as it’s fantastic value for money (£100 for a 100ml).

Where eles can you find LR2412?

On the success of the Visionnaire serum Lancôme has just launched a new foundation that contains LR2412 in 2% concentration. Teint Visionnaire is a foundation duo and you can read more about it here.

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    Visionnaire serum

    Thanks for your review.
    It will be interesting to see how the Serum pans out over the next few months as heaps of people have yet to try it.
    But anything that moves women away from Botox s good in my book

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