Oily skin treatment from SVR Laboratories.

SVR active cream

While I was away on holiday I had a look at medicated skincare products, which on the continent are available at the pharmacies in great variety. I was looking for a product that will be suitable  for combination or oily skin to regulate production of sebum, prevent build up of black heads and enlarging of pores.

I was advised to try SVR Laboratories (french brand) so I started with ‘LYSALPHA ACTIVE CREME‘. I was also told it’s dermatologists most favorite brand for people with problem or sensitive skin.

After using it for just a few days I was able to see great results. My skin wasn’t so oily anymore, it become clear without blocked or congested pores.

Pleased with my purchase I went back to the pharmacy for more. The next product on my list was high protection cream. I find it nearly impossible to find a product with high SPF and design for oily skin and that’s why SVR Laboratories was once again the answer for me. I now also have SPF 50 Cream for combination and oily skin (also regulates sebum) and tinted mineral cream SPF50, which can be used on skin that is intolerant to chemical filters. This product is enriched in a moisturising agent therefore I don’t need additional cream underneath it.

After returning home I found this web site, where you can purchase this products in UK.

SVR tinted mineral moisturiser

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