My little bit of vintage!

New clothes are fantastic, especially as they are almost certainly ‘in’ when you purchase them, but sometimes it’s great to play around with a little bit of vintage to transform your look. I own a few VINTAGE pieces, which I will keep in my wardrobe no mater what!

Both skirts were given to me by my mothers friend, who for my benefit had  an awfully big attic. The blue taffeta skirt is great for special occasions while the black and white ‘rock’ n roll’ skirt goes with anything. The latter was a gift for my mums friend, bought in Canada in a dance shop, during the times when it was all about rock’n roll. I absolutely love the detail on this skirt.

Most of the accessories came from my mothers wardrobe or jewellery box. If I didn’t ‘borrow’ them (when she wasn’t watching), I begged for ages until she gave up and let me have them. Triumph!

I was about 7 when my mum bought her crocodile skin clutch. I loved it then and I still love it now.

This little black clutch made of lots of tiny metal beads is equally as old as the crocodile clutch and certainly loved just as much. I received this gold ring from my aunty.

I can’t even express how much I adore this little gold clutch. It goes with anything and everything! So of course, I use it very often. It also came from the ‘big attic’.

This neckless is from my mum.

This black top isn’t really vintage but it’s a good 7 to 8 years old. It is absolutely perfect for traveling as it never creases. Believe or not, I bought it all these years ago in DUNNES STORES during one of my trips to Dublin.

Where is all your ‘vintage’ from?

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