Bronze goddess in the making!

I am not into self tanning products and bronzing powders. I genuinely can’t stand the smell of self tan. Fortunately, I’m very lucky that I have no problem with being pale. Most bronzing powders I try tend to look silly on my pale complexion mainly because the rest of my body is left glowing white.

This season I went a bit mad with my dress purchases (I’m absolutely not complaining!) and I decided that my legs are too white to go on show. With my holiday being nearly 2 months away I decided to take a risk and believe in science, after all you have to agree with me, cosmetics are now a science or at least science goes into making them. Believing in scientific advancements and that it will solve my problem without making me look stupid I went shopping. My last attempt to use some bronzing or tanning products was about 2 years ago so I left hoping something must have changed in that time.

Good news for fair skinned that are not very good with self-tan. I found my solution and I hope it will inspire you to give it a go.

First I bought ST.TROPEZ gradual tan. This product won InStyle best beauty buy award for 2011. It is an everyday body moisturiser. I picked one in the light to medium shade. It has a technology that helps to eliminate the typical aroma of self-tan by 70%. I was happy with the results.  It’s a good hydrating body lotion and it gives gold glow not an orange one. Personally I was happy with the result after 2 applications, as I only wanted to achieve a slightly warmer skin tone.

Not being to keen on using self tanning products on my face I decided to go for a bronzing powder.  It can be quite tricky to find one that will work on a very pale skin. Most powder bronzers will look darker after about 3 minutes of application, therefore wait before you decide to add a bit more.  Apply your bronzer on the high points for a sun kissed natural look.  I got the new Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact with SPF 10 (limited edition). I’ve been using it every day for the last 2 weeks and I’m very pleased with it.

Clarins however decided to convince me that there is a self tanning product for the face that I would like. A product that will give me natural results, lightweight and I wouldn’t have to compromise on my skincare routine to use it. Result?!

I also have Instant Smooth Self Tanning for the face from Clarins and I absolutely love it!  It is skin perfecting product and progressive self tan. I love the fact that I can use it on top of my regular skin care. Its coloured for an easier and more precise application and it smells delicious.

Summer here I come – nearly a bronze goddess!

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