4 tinted moisturisers for natural looking skin.

Finding a good tinted moisturiser is always a mission for me, that’s why I decided to share some of my favourites to make your lives easier.

1. Pixi tinted moisturiser has got SPF 20, is oil free and has got reflecting pigment. I used it for a year and I really like it. It also comes with a concealer.

2. Currently I’m using Laura Mercier also with SPF 20. With this brand you can choose between tinted moisturiser with or without illuminating pigments.

3. If you’re looking for more of a matt finish (as much as it can be matt with a tinted moisturiser) go for new Clinique Hydra Surge SPF15. It creates lovely even skin. However, I don’t like the sticky feel it leaves on my skin. Don’t be put off though, try it for yourself as overall it is a nice product.

4. Bobbi Brown is great for tinted moisturisers too. There’s a range for dry skin and now a new one for oily and combination skin. This new tinted moisturiser has got SPF 15 and is oil free.

There’s a new tinted moisturiser coming out soon from Clarins however I haven’t tried it yet.

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