The Minimalist Guide to Makeup essentials.

Ladies frequently ask me what make up products they should have to create a beautiful look, whilst enabling them to fit it all into one small make-up bag.

Here are some basic make-up products that a lady should have, of course once your into it, you can start extending your collection. When it comes to make up there are so many rules but at the same time there are no rules.  Below are the products that I recommend for a travelling make-up bag, some probably wouldn’t even call it a “make up first aid kit”.  I promise you that it’s all you need to create a lovely look.

Good make-up starts with good skin care, so make sure you clean and moisturise your skin with suitable products.

1. Foundation – This is a very important product, which is going to give you flawless skin therefore it’s crucial it’s well matched. The colour of your foundation should match your skin colour (no lighter, no darker). Choose your foundation based on results you want to achieve and your skin type. Ask consultants on counters for advice and let them apply your chosen foundation all over your face, this way you can see the result you will get with it and make sure you happy with your choice before purchasing. My favourite is Lancome Tint Miracle, which looks natural but gives good results. I don’t use foundation daily but tend to use tinted moisturiser or a compact powder, therefore I want a foundation that is hardly noticeable but gives flawless  looking skin and  this one certainly does the trick.

2. Powder –  Most foundations last better if you dust a bit of powder on top. You can use your powder throughout the day to touch up too. Loose powder is great as it’s nearly impossible to apply to much but it’s not handy to carry around. Pressed powder might be a better choice.

3. Blusher – Adds colour to the face and really perks up the complexion. An absolute must have in my opinion. I like Bobbi Brown cream blush, Coralista by Benefit and Lancome Blush Subtail.

4. Eye shadows – Pick a couple of shades and if you really aren’t a make up person stick to natural shades, which you will find easier to apply.

5. Mascara –  It’s this magic wand that absolutely every lady should have. Instantly your eyes will appear bigger. It can be quite tricky to find the right one. My personal favourite is Hypnose by Lancome it increases both length and volume. You can also build it up for a more dramatic look and separate the lashes. I’d also recommend L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. If you want very settle look try Definicils by Lancome.

6. Lipstick –  Finally lipstick or a lip gloss.  Essential to complement your look. Pick the texture you prefer and if you’re not sure what colour or shade you need, just ask the beauty girls on make-up counters for help. Choose shades that will perk up your complexion.

I hope that this is going to be helpful ladies.

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