7 Products You should Pack to avoid dehydrated skin on holidays!

Having friends and family in different countries and on different continents means I do travel quite a bit but that’s great because I love discovering new places. However there is one thing I dislike when it comes to travelling; my dehydrated, tired looking skin after the flight. After a long time of experiencing this, I have now come up with the perfect rescue pack to ensure my  skin is feeling fresh and plumped the moment I have landed.

The holiday season is nearly here , so therefore I’d like to share my top products to fight dehydrated skin. These products are always travelling with me.

1. Moisture surge by Clinique – great for both during and after the flight. This cream-gel has an oil free formula so it’s suitable for any skin type. My trick is to apply a think layer and use it like a mask. It can be used on top of your normal moisturiser if your skin still feels thirsty.

2. Thermal water spray – Small bottle of ‘Avene eau thermale’ is my favourite as it comes in a 50ml bottle, which I can take with me in my hand luggage or just carry it around.

3. A Good hydrating mask is great to have. I like Hydra Intense by Lancome. This product is fantastic if you’re on a very long flight and your skin needs something powerful to bring back moisture. You can apply a thin layer and wear it over night.

4. Tinted Moisturiser. I will always have one with me if I am flying anywhere. Powder applied on top of dehydrated skin doesn’t look attractive.  Tinted moisturiser will give you an even skin tone and keep your skin hydrated, therefore looking smooth and fresh all the time. I recommend Hydra Zen Neurocalm Tente by Lancome for £25 as it’s great to soothe irritated and stressed skin. My other favourite is tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier with SPF 20 for £33

6. Your daily moisturiser should be in your travel bag too. I can always rely on Hydra Zen Neurocalm by Lancome. I use cream-gel but there’s great choice of textures in this range.

7. A Lip balm. ‘Carmex’ is my personal favourite. Dry air on the aeroplane always makes my lips crack so I make sure I have a good lip balm in my pocket when I take a seat on a flight.

8. Last but not least… an eye cream! This may seam like it’s just another little pot that you have to pack, but don’t even think of using your daily moisturiser instead.The eye area is very fragile and the skin around your eyes is 5 times thinner than on your face so give it the right attention and pack your eye cream. I always suffered with darkness under my eyes so I tend to choose eye creams, which help to fight dark circles.

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