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Consultancy Services

I provide ongoing content strategy support and consultancy around online brand communication, social media tactics such as content creation, influencer marketing, campaign funnels and social media competitions.

If you are a brand and would like to work with me on Social Beautify Blog and create branded content please email me on

Mentoring Program

Developed for anyone who needs clarity and guidance on branding and message.

I can feedback on your activity and results, as well as offering new ideas and direction through content brainstorms, calendars and campaign schedules.


Content Audit & Strategy

Developed to look at your brand and audience deliver full communication strategy:

I carry out in-depth assessments which include online branding, content and customer engagement. My audits cover essential social media components such as content creation, influencer marketing, campaign funnels, effective scheduling and social media competitions.


Influencer Strategy 

Developed to help you to determine the strategy and workflow with influencers marketing maximising ROI.

I will work closely with you to provide recommendation for the outreach strategy maximising your ROI. 

I will support you to align your outreach with Marketing Calendar. 

We will set in place strategy for ongoing influencer marketing ensuing your brand is building lasting relations with the influencers who represent your brand best. 


Social Presence Monthly Packages

I offer three different monthly packages to suit any business size to support your online presence. Please get in touch for more details and pricing.

From £420

Join me at the panel discussion

We will discuss aspects of work-life balance and cover topics relating to maintaining a work-life balance, such as time management, taking time for relaxation, and saying no to things and people that don’t serve us.

Come and join us. It’s free to attend. Follow the link to register. 

Ewa had an incredibly quick grasp of our brand purpose, ethos and narrative and was able to clarify and simplify our message effortlessly, while keeping it relevant and above all personal. She immediately understood where we are coming from and the goal of our brand communication and helped us to clearly communicate our mission without the use of buzzwords and impersonal slogans.

Hanna Fiedler CEO & Creative Director at Hanna Fiedler Clothing

Ewa is passionate about her work. She also takes the time to look deeper into products and the industry as a whole, rather than just focusing on the surface. She has her own opinions and isn’t afraid to share them which is refreshing, getting to the heart of a product or brand.

Abigail Segall Director of Freedom PR