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My name is Ewa and I’m the face behind SOCIAL BEAUTIFY

I realised how powerful makeup is when I was 14. I was given my first makeup bag and I went through a basic makeup course. This was to teach me how to do my makeup for castings as I started doing bits of modelling. I used to come home after doing a fashion show, take half my makeup off and then try to recreate the makeup artists look on the other half. I used to copy looks from my teenage magazines. I would read all the beauty pages in all the magazines. I loved trying new products and very quickly grew a massive collection of motions and potions.

Social Beautify was brought to life in 2011 for a couple of personal reasons. Firstly I felt a need to create. Secondly, I used it to overcome my own insecurities. English is my second language and I always thought I’m simply not good enough to use it for work purposes despite graduating with a first in Journalism and PR. I have dyslexia and as a child I was always made to believe by my language teacher that such a thing doesn’t exist. It’s just laziness. I started Social Beautify to practice writing and learn to be confident with who I am.

Today with over 15 year of experience working within the beauty industry with some of the best and biggest brands and retailers, I offer freelance services for beauty consultancy and coaching. I still often freelance working on a shop floor helping you to choose your moisturiser and advise you on your makeup choices. I feel this helps me to stay grounded and to write about things that matter to real women.

Social Beautify is a place where I share my honest opinions. Full of inside knowledge. On my YouTube channel I try to create realistic makeup tutorials, and share tips that we all can use every day.

This is your space to find the answers to your beauty dilemmas, so don’t be shy. Use it to ask questions and share your opinions.

I hope you enjoy reading Social Beautify and thank you for popping by.

Ewa xx


If you’re a brand and would like to work together please look into my Disclaimer for more information or drop me an email: info@socialbeautify.co.uk