Your best sunscreen is here! Which one will you choose?


Your best sunscreen is here. - Sensai

The holiday season is in the full swing. It’s time to get your best sunscreen sorted. But which product is the best?

Your Best Sunscreen is the one you’ll use!

Yes, I am kind of stating the obvious and of course the SPF factor matters and your UVA protection too, but that all won’t be any good if you aren’t using it.

You see sunscreen ingredients need to be ‘carried by’ an oil in the formula so it can be evenly distributed on the skin and mixed evenly within the formula in the first place. This makes your sun protection products often quite oily, tacky to touch or even sticky. They don’t feel great on the skin so you dread using them. I often get asked about sunscreen that wont break my readers or customers out with pimples, as this tends to be a common problem. Those lightweight SPF products are difficult to find.

It can still be a bit of a hard task to find those gems among all the other stuff. Great news, I have you covered here.

This summer I discovered some superb sunscreen products that have changed my summer sun protection experience in to a very pleasant one.

Sun Protection Perfection from SENSAI

I have literally no words to describe how fantastic SENSAI sunscreen products are. I have tested their body cream and face cream (both SPF 30) also with UVA protection. Both have a lotion like texture, which does not feel oily even a tad. It’s so smooth and easy to apply, and your skin feels dry to touch nearly instantly. The face product is so good that I can apply a full face of makeup afterwards and it won’t effect its durability, unlike thicker textured SPF products. This makes it also my favourite sun protection around town because my clothes are not sticking to the skin. This range is developed to protect your skin from the full sun exposure but I find myself using it even if I only pop out for a little while with some errands. Every single one of my friends who had the chance to try it had a WOW moment as soon as they felt the texture. I would highly recommend you to get your hands on one of these and you won’t ever have problems with using and re-applying your sun care.  The only little disadvantage is that it’s not that widely available, you can find SENSAI at Harrods and not the cheapest either but worth every penny. If you’re nowhere near it , luckily there’s the internet so you can order your online face here for £80 and body here for £70. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


The Easy Peasy SPF spray from Vichy. 

I was also sent a Vichy Ideal Solei SPF50 spray, which I mentioned before here. I only used it a few times because my partner used it once and claimed it his. He absolutely loved how easy it was to use and even got a little excited about it. I’m usually quite suspicious of spray SPF products, doubting if they can provide sufficient protection, giving the fact you often apply such a sheer layer of it, however Vichy Ideal Solei spray proved me wrong. Chris is pale and burns so, so easily, but he didn’t this time. He was using only this product. I did not help him with its application. Initially I thought it might be tricky to apply it evenly to the back, but I was wrong again. So if you don’t like to mess around with lotions and potions this might be just he product for you. You can grab a can from for £13.50 at the moment as it’s on offer.

Ideal Solei by Vichy and Clarins Sunscreen

The old and trusted Clarins. 

If you’ve visited my page before you’ll know I love Clarins. I’ve been using Clarins Sun Protection for a couple of seasons now and I still love it. I love the oil or the body lotion particularly when I’m by the pool or direct sunlight. I feel it really protects my skin from drying in the sun and heat. Another product worth checking out is the SPF 50 Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face. Despite such a high SPF it’s still very lightweight. It doesn’t feel oily, but you can tell you’ve applied a little bit of cream on your face. If you have a combination or oily skin type you won’t need your regular moisturiser. It delivers enough moisture to feel comfortable on the dry skin type too. I don’t go on holiday without it. You can find it here. 

Sun Protection on the go! 

You think you don’t need anything like it! The number of burned noses, ears and shoulders proofs otherwise. Get yourself an SPF stick. They’re small, handy to put into your handbag or pocket. You won’t even know you have it, but when you feel the sun is burning your pretty nose,  you’ll have something to pull out your sleeve. I have two on the go. Clarins Sun Control Stick for Sensitive Areas SPF30 and Vichy Idal Solei SPF50 stick. I keep one in my handbag other in the beach bag or my back pack. Both work equally well but I think I prefer the texture of the Vichy stick. I have oily skin and the Vichy Stick has a lighter texture than Clarins. However if you have dry or really sensitive skin Clarins Stick might be a better choice.

Your best sun screen Ideal Solei SPF50 stick

You may also want to check out Murad Oil Free sun protection. I nearly forgot abut it, but this is great too if you have oily skin. You can find it here.

You see today I wanted to talk about sun protection from a user friendly perspective. So go and grab yourself a decent sun protection product and use it! Re-apply it! And if you feel like learning a little more about Sun Protection here is a good post to read before you pack your bikini.  5 Things you don’t know abut UV protection and should!

What’s your trusted formula to stay safe and don’t burn in the sun?

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