Smokey eyes in 3 steps.

Smokey eyes tutorial

If you’ve never created such a dark and bold look, I’d like to challenge you! You can create stunning smoky eyes in 3 simple steps. You’ll need only 3 products to do it, so I don’t want to hear any excuses. Get involved. I think it’s just the bold and dark look that scares us away from even trying. What if it goes wrong? You’ll remove it my darling, remember it’s only makeup!

3 products to smokin’ hot eyes

This is a simple approach to smokey eyes, and yes you can complicate everything in life but today we’re going to concentrate on how you can create this smokin’ hot look easy and quickly. I need you to find these three products:

A pencil liner – I like to use weatherproof liner but any will do for today. If you decide that smokey eyes is your new look, try investing in a waterproof liner. It creates a good lasting base preventing eyeshadow from creasing in the socket line.

A dark eyeshadow – Black or dark grey would be best for this look, but truly you can use anything as long as it’s relatively dark. If you have an eyeshadow palette use your darkest shade and perhaps lighter for blending on the edges. The video tutorial will clarify everything to you.

Mascara – Black volumising mascara would be the best for smoky eyes, but again any mascara will be sufficient for this exercise. Once you’re confident in creating this look you can work with different products and find the one you like the most.

Smokey eyes in 3 Steps – Step by step guide.

This recipe for mess free and quick smokey eyes. Make sure to watch the video below, where you’d see how to do crate smokey eyes step by step. 

Start with your eyeliner and use it as a base. This will build darkness so you don’t have to do it with an eyeshadow. It makes the whole process faster. You won’t have so much eye shadow falling underneath your eyes as it’s going to stick to the liner, which means no mess.

Next, pat your eyeshadow over the liner. Because you applied your liner first you won’t need to pat that much of the eye shadow to build a desired dark result, again this makes it quick. Blend that shadow into the inner corner and all the way to your socket line. Use a blending brush or the biggest softest brush you have to blend the edges by moving it along the socket line. You don’t need to take product on the brush. What’s on your eyelid will be enough.

Finally apply your mascara. You can also draw a thin line with your pencil liner along the lashes for extra drama.

Handy Brushes

I used only 3 different makeup brushes to create this look. MAC precision brush; that’s the little brush that allows me to place eyeshadow exactly where I want it. INGLOT blending brush. I used my RealTechniques brush to place the eyeshadow but this particular brush sits somewhere between being a placer and a blender, sometimes it works for both, however with a dark shadow I wanted to use my favourite blending brush from INGLOT. It’s perfectly shaped and the bristles are super soft. It does the job for me :)

I challenge you to give this look a go! Have some fun and trust your skills. Make sure to show off your work and tag me with your images on Instagram or Twitter you’ll find me @SocialBeautify!! 

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