Effortless 7 day Detox with Dr. Murad for a better and healthier you!


Join me in my detox for a chance to win a Murad Perfecting Night Cream! I promise you won’t be starve: 

This detox doesn’t require you to eat lettuce and flush it down with a glass of hot water with lemon. Detoxing with Dr. Murad means you will step by step become a better you. You’ll feel healthier, have more energy and just for giving it a go you will be in with a chance to win a Murad Perfecting Night Cream from the Age Reform range – Nicole Scherzinger loves this range.

So join me in this 7 day challenge! You’ll have to make one small and super easy change, just one little change every day. You may find you enjoy your detox week so much that you’ll stick to the changes throughout the whole of 2014.

SONY DSCHow to win a Murad Perfecting Night Cream:

  • Become a better version of yourself by simply following Dr. Murad’s 7 day detox plan- I will be following this plan too.
  • Make short notes daily to record all your findings.
  • By the end of the week send your story to:  detox@socialbeautify.co.uk  – feel free to include some images too! You’ll have until Friday 7th February to submit your entry.

I’ll select one winning story, which will be published on the blog and if your story wins you’ll also receive the Murad Perfecting Night Cream. I may ask for some help to choose the winner but I haven’t decided yet who’s going to be giving me a helping hand.

Your story doesn’t have to be all perfect and happy. I’d like you to share your real experiences; your personal battle of taking on life and all it holds for you every day, and than squeezing into it a tiny little bit of love and care for yourself. I’d simply would like you to think of yourself at least once a day. Note each day how you’re finding implementing those changes and how it makes you feel, even if it’s only one short sentence. Take some pictures, draw, do whatever makes you happy and at the end of the week don’t forget to share it with me.

You’ll be able to find my daily struggle on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and of course after the whole week on Social Beautify. So… who’s in?

Your 7 day detox Diary starts here… Ready, Steady, Go!

Day 1: Eat your water!

Dr. Murad says: “Replace at least one glass of water a day with a serving of a raw fruits or vegetables. This way you’ll be able to stay hydrated significantly longer. Eating these foods will not only help your body hold onto water longer, you’ll get the added boost of important antioxidants, fibre and other nutrients.”

Day 2: Take supplements!

Dr. Murad says:  “Even if you eat a nutritional diet, you probably won’t be getting the optimal amount of nutrition to properly strengthen your cells and improve your health. That’s where supplements come in handy.” You can invest in Murad Firm & Tone Dietary Supplements(www.murad.co.uk) for everything you need for younger-looking skin, increased energy, better sleep patterns and faster-growing hair and nails.

Day 3: Move More!

Dr. Murad says:  “The secret to stick to an exercise routine is to exercise for pleasure. Choose one physical exercise you enjoy and do it.”

Day 4: Daydream!

You’ll be surprised how much can be achieved by allowing yourself to daydream for an hour or two. Daydream for as long as you need to get things right. Dr. Murad suggests to ask yourself these questions but feel free to add some of you own.

  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What’s the one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime that you haven’t yet?
  • If you had nothing to do all day today, what would you do?
  • What in life is causing you anxiety and stress?

Day 5: Savour Sleep!

Our body systems repair and regenerate themselves when we sleep and that’s why using an appropriate moisturiser at night before bed is really important. When you’re asleep your body is better able to absorb and utilise the nutrients that you provide for it.

Dr Murad recommends his Perfecting Night Cream which combines Vitamins A and E with Green Tea Extract and Borage Seed Oil to repair and rehydrate your skin. Remember, Murad will kindly give away a Perfecting Night Cream to one of Social Beautify’s readers and that could be you!

Day 6: Be a Big Kid!


Dr. Murad suggests you should break out of your normal routine and try something you’ve been waiting to do for a while; give yourself permission to act like a child again and allow spontaneity in your life! Think what it was that you loved doing as a child, ice skating, dancing, maybe painting?

Day 7: Rest!   

Dr. Murad says:

When you become the most important person to yourself, your accomplishments will amaze you.

 Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Identify your stressors and do what you can to keep them at bay.

Today take a recess for some deep breathing and meditation to help you gain perspective and reclaim sanity.

The Finish line:

We have 3 weeks to give it a go left, that’s more than enough time to try and be good for 7 days! Make sure you send me your story by midnight Friday 7th February to detox@socialbeautify.co.uk to enter, for a chance to win Murad Perfecting Night Cream and to have your story published on Social Beautify.

Good luck!

Eva x


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